Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Streak

“Alright. Everyone know what to do?” said Ryan “I’m gonna send out a ‘ready check’. Once everyone clicks ‘yes’, I’m pulling the boss.”

Ryan watched his computer screen and waited for confirmation that everyone was ready.

“Ready Sawyer?” he asked

“I clicked yes.” Said Sawyer “Pull him…”

Ryan charged the raid boss with his character, and then an epic battle ensued.

“De-curse… Need bleed effects… c’mon, DPS, burn it down…” said Ryan into his headset

“Adds!” said Sawyer

“Got em…” said Ryan

“Pwnyerface is down…” said a voice on the computer.

“Battle rez on Pwnyerface…” Ryan ordered. “Get ready… phase two inc…”

Then the boss went on a rampage, hitting harder and faster.

“OK, blow all cooldowns… void zone! Watch the void zone!” said Ryan

“We’re not causing enough damage!” said Sawyer “He’s gonna enrage!”

“Focus…” said Ryan “LOH! LOH!”

“It’s on cooldown!” yelled Sawyer

“Heal me! C’mon! Heal!” Ryan yelled as he frantically clicked spells on his screen.

The boss was too much for them, however, and the raid wiped.

“Dang it!” said Ryan as he threw his headset.

“We almost had it…” said Sawyer, banging his paw on the desk. “Not enough DPS…”

Ryan waited until he cooled off, then addressed the raid.

“Alright, guys. It’s late and I need to get going for the night. We’ll get him next time…” he said

Sawyer logged off just before Annie walked in.

“Why is it so hot?” she asked

“I don’t know.” Said Ryan “Maybe because of the computer running?”

“No, it’s hot all over.” Said Annie “It’s 110 degrees outside.”

Ryan went outside and sure enough, it was a scorcher. He went back in the house and turned on the weather channel. They were reporting temperatures as high as 125 in some places. Worse, it was raining. The humidity was unbearable. Sawyer watched the screen, cocking his head to the side as he studied the radar.

“I don’t know why it’s like this…” said Annie “But I need Starbucks. Iced coffee. I’ll be back later.”

* * * * *

Once Annie left, Sawyer pointed to the screen.

“You see that?” he asked

“What?” asked Ryan

“The heat is strongest here, in the center of the state and gets slightly cooler as it moves out in all directions. Same with the rain storms.” He explained

“How can that be?” asked Ryan

“Who do we know that controls the weather…” said Sawyer, waiting for the obvious answer

“Elementis…” Said Ryan

“Are we gonna do something?” asked Sawyer “Remember, she said she had bigger plans than just bank robbery.”

“Yeah, we’re going after her.” Said Ryan “Get your gun.”

* * * * *

Ryan and Sawyer pinpointed the nasty weather somewhere in the middle of the Manistee National Forest. They piled into the Malibu and drove. Sawyer loaded magazines and put a few odds and ends in his backpack.

* * * * *

“Brant!” yelled Elementis “Why isn’t the AC working?”

“It is, my dearest.” Said Brant “I just wanted to turn it down to save some energy.”

“You idiot. We can afford the expense. Just keep it as cool in here as you can.” Said Elementis

“Yes, my dearest.” Brant groveled. “Sorry to have failed you.”

“Again.” Said Elementis

“Yes, again.” Said Brant

Elementis withdrew some of her rage.

“It won’t be this hot for much longer.” She explained. “Once our stocks in air conditioners, fans and pools have topped off, we’ll sell it all, then turn on the blizzard.”

“Won’t people die from the sudden change in extreme temperatures?” asked Brant

“Yes, I suppose that’s possible.” Thought Elementis “We’ll have to invest in funeral homes as well.”

* * * * *

Ryan and Sawyer arrived about a mile from the center of the heat wave. They parked their car and traveled the rest of the way on foot. It was still raining and the temperature was in the 130’s. Through the steamy mist, Ryan was able to see a trailer up ahead along with a large circular object.

“See that?” said Ryan

“Yeah,” said Sawyer “It looks like a bigger version of Elementis’ guns.”

“Exactly.” Said Ryan “You were right.”

Ryan loaded a shell into his shotgun as Sawyer switched the safety off of his rifle and stood up. After bumping fist to paw, they closed in on the target. Just then, a man stepped out of the trailer, then froze after seeing Ryan and Sawyer.

“That’s not Elementis…” said Sawyer

“Dearest!” cried Brant “Intruders!”

Elementis stepped out of the trailer, pulled out one of her weapons and fired it at Ryan and Sawyer. A bolt of lightning struck the ground between them as they both dove for cover.

“That’s Elementis!” said Sawyer

“I know!” said Ryan “Shoot her!”

Sawyer raised his weapon and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. He pulled the bolt back and tried again but again, nothing happened.

“This weather! It’s soaked my powder!” said Sawyer

Ryan attempted to fire his as another bolt struck close to them.

“Mine too!” he yelled

Sawyer threw him his pack.

“Get back to the car and regroup! I’ll hold them off!” said Sawyer

Ryan started to protest but Sawyer was already gone. He charged the trailer and tackled Brant, biting at his arm.

“Dearest! Help me!” cried Brant

Elementis picked up a log and struck Sawyer in the head, knocking him out.

“Thank you!” said Brant

“Shut up and turn on the snow!” said Elementis

“But the investments…” said Brant

“Forget the money. These are the two from the bank.” Said Elementis “If we don’t freeze that guy, we’re finished.”

* * * * *

Ryan made it back to the car. By now we was sweating and completely soaked. His shotgun was worthless now, but he was hoping he left something in his trunk. After opening it up, he was relieved to find his bow and arrow. While he only had three arrows, the bow was guaranteed to shoot no matter the weather. He would need one for the weather machine, one to kill one person and hopefully the third to kill the other. He was about to head back towards the trailer when he felt the temperature drop sharply.

“What the heck?” Ryan said out loud

His drenched clothes started to freeze as he dove into the car and turned on the heat. The thermometer on his car said it was -20 degrees outside. Normally -20 wouldn’t be the end of the world, but with wet clothes, he could die. Suddenly he remembered Sawyer’s pack. He dumped the contents out on the seat next to him and sure enough, Sawyer had planned for this. There was Ryan’s hoodie, some jeans and dry socks. Sawyer had also brought a vest for himself. Ryan folded the vest and put it in his pocket, took a deep breath and left the car.

He made it back to the trailer in no time since the heat wasn’t slowing him down. He circled around to the side of the trailer and waited behind a tree about 30 yards away. This was going to be a waiting game. Could Ryan wait in the freezing cold for someone to open the door and give him a shot? Or would he freeze to death while
waiting? These were his two options.

* * * * *

Sawyer woke up and looked around. It didn’t take long for him to find the barrel of a gun pointed at him. Behind the gun was Brant.

“He’s awake.” Said Brant

Elementis ignored him.

“May I open a window?” Brant asked “It’s so hot in here.”

Elementis rolled her eyes. “Fine, but just for a second. And please stop whining.”

“Yes, dearest.” He replied

A breeze entered the trailer and Sawyer immediately caught Ryan’s sent. He knew he had to be out there waiting for them to come out. He decided on a plan. He perked his ears up, looked out the window and growled as if he saw something.

“He sees someone.” Said Brant “Maybe his owner?”

“He wouldn’t growl at his owner, fool.” Elementis snapped “Go see what it is.”

Ryan shivered uncontrollably. He was at the end of his rope. If someone didn’t leave that railer soon, he would have to leave and come back with warmer clothes. By then, they may kill Sawyer or leave with him. Just then, the door swung open. Brant stepped outside and looked around. Ryan carefully slipped behind the tree and drew his bow back.

“There’s no one here!” Brant called out

“Then get in here and shut the door!” Elementis yelled at him

Ryan peaked around the tree, aimed at Brant and released the arrow. It struck Brant in the shoulder and lodged in his bone.

“I’m hit!” Brant cried out in pain. “Save me, dearest!”

Ryan knocked another arrow and drew back in anticipation. Elementis stepped out and saw Brant, then saw Ryan just as he was about to fire. She dove for cover as Ryan released the arrow. The arrow missed badly. Ryan cursed his bad luck as he knocked his final shot. Elementis took off her jacket. Once again, she had a parachute underneath. She pulled out her weapon and fired it at the chute. A strong gust of wind began to carry her off as Ryan release the arrow in desperation. The arrow struck Elementis in the thigh. She shrieked in pain as she was carried off by the wind.

Ryan approached Brant.

“Where’s my dog.” He asked

“He—he’s inside…” he stammered

Sawyer stepped out and joined Ryan next to Brant.

“My dearest has left me!” Brant sobbed, his tears freezing to his cheeks.

“There there… The cops will be here soon enough.” Ryan mocked

* * * * *

The police were very interested in the machine that was left behind. After some tampering, they were able to turn it off, much to the relief of everyone. Except Elementis.

“She’s still alive.” Said Ryan

“Yeah. And so are we.” Sawyer countered.

“Do you think the cops will get Brant to talk?” asked Sawyer

“I don’t know.” Said Ryan “I guess that will be a story for another time.”


  1. I may have a new favorite character in Brant. -Angela

  2. i agree. he's so oppressed, you can't help but feel for him even though he's a bad guy.

  3. Nice, awesome beginning Ryan lol. Somehow Annie didn't get captured though, I guess she just chilled at Starbucks for awhile?

  4. yeah i think she will get kidnapped some more in the future, but it started to get old. glad you liked it though.